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Codes & Standards Met

ASTM E 285 Standard Test Method for Oxyacetylene Ablation Testing of Thermal Insulation Materials;  Geoscience

ASTM E 136 Standard Test Method for Behavior of Materials in a Vertical Tube Furnace at 750degrees celsius for Non Combustible materials;  Geoscience

ASTM E 408 Standard Test Method for Normal Emittance of Surfaces Using Inspection Meter Techniques;  Geoscience

ASTM E 1918 Standard Test Method for Measuring Solar Reflectance of Horizontal and Low Sloped Surfaces in the Field;  Geoscience

ASTM E 228 Standard Test Method for Linear Thermal Expansion of Solid Materials With a Push Rod Dilatometer;  Geoscience

ASTM C 518 Standard Test Method for Steady State Thermal Transmission Properties by Means of the heat Flow meter Apparatus; Geoscience

ASTM C 351 Standard Test Method for Mean Specific Heat of Thermal Insulation;  Geoscience

ASTM C 302 Standard Test Method for Density and Dimensions of Preformed Pipe Covering Type Thermal Insulation;  Geoscience

ASTM C 165 Standard Test Method for Measuring Compressive Properties of Thermal Insulation;  Geoscience

ASTM E 84 Standard test method for surface burning characteristics of building material;  Accredited Lab

ASTM E 119 Standard test method for fire test of building construction material;  Accredited Lab

UL 1709 Rapid Rise Fire test of protection materials for structual steel;  Accredited Lab

ASTM D4364 Out door weathering with concentrated sun light and water; Accredited Lab

ASTM D6695 Accelerated Testing by Xenon Ar; Accredited Lab

ASTM G154, ASTM D4329, ASTM D4587 Accelerated weathering by QUV; Accredited Lab

ASTM D1006 Exterior Exposure of Paints on Wood; Accredited Lab

ASTM D104 Exterior Exposure on Metal; Accredited Lab

ASTM D6944 Thermal Cycling Test; Accredited Lab

ASTM D3359 Standard Test Methods for Measuring Adhesion by Tape Test; Accredited Lab (Test for Adhesion to Metallic Surfaces)

*Many other ASTM Standards have been met (Durability, Weatherization, Adhesion, Chemical Resistance, Water Resistance)

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