Barrier Pro™ Thermal Control Coatings are energy efficient, interior/exterior, flat surface coatings with a traditional matte sheen  finish. Specifically formulated to insulate and fire protect.

This 100% acrylic latex coating minimizes surface imperfections and provides mildew resistance.

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  • As a coating, Barrier Pro™ seals and protects against moisture and provides a beautiful finish as a top coat. Can also be tinted for color specifications.
  • As a fire protection system, Barrier Pro’s™ self-extinguishing capabilities allow it to provide protection against extreme temperatures above +3,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • As insulation at a thickness of 1.1 mm, Barrier Pro™ has an R-Value of 10.

A Dynamic Thermal Control System

For Thermal Control, Barrier Pro reflects 90% (or more) of the sun’s UV rays. As temperatures increase it can reflect up to 99.8%. Barrier Pro™ has an IR emissivity of at least 70% of the solar radiation that a substrate surface absorbs and at higher temperatures has an IR emissivity of 91%.


High Emissivity Surfaces Improve Efficiency and Keep Substrates Cooler.

   As a high-heat resistant coating, Barrier Pro™ offers a high emissivity that is stable at extreme temperatures (3000+˚F). Enabling more efficient thermal control systems within the design of the substrate.

    Barrier Pro™ operates in all three modes of thermal transfer -convection, conduction,  and radiation. Most insulated materials in the industry only deal with one mode of thermal transfer, radiation. Barrier Pro™ has a very effective ablation process when exposed to extreme temperatures (Aerospace industry grade temperatures). Our coatings cooling process uses our advanced cooling technology specifically formulated to minimize thermal transfer in all three modes. Making Barrier Pro™ the most efficient coating application for cutting costs, while maximizing energy system reductions.