Fall is California Wildfire Season Fight the Fire Before it Starts.

Handout photo of an aerial photo of the devastation left behind from the North Bay wildfires north of San Francisco

      On Monday Oct. 9, 2017 California wine country experienced some of its worst fires to date. Spreading across 73,000 acres and tragically destroying nearly 1,500 structures. Thousands have evacuated their homes, leaving with uncertainty and to their despair -that everything they own could be lost to the fires that rage throughout multiple counties.

Bringing peace of mind during wildfire disasters, while many are forced to evacuate, is at the heart of what we do.

     Fighting fires before they start is one of the preemptive measures that residents need in high-fire hazard zones. Seeking to bring peace of mind during natural fire disasters and knowing that your home, business, or even hospital is safe from fire is an assurance that everyone needs -yet few consider. For the protection of livelihood, loss prevention, asset protection, and quality of life assurance. Protecting any structure from fire before it starts should be a top priority.

Barrier Pro™ is not just a product, its a life saving choice.

fire-sprinkler    Fire sprinkler systems can be costly, they breakdown, and only put out fires from inside an already burning structure. Many building materials used  both in construction and in the manufacturing of  furniture, accelerate and add to a fire that is rapidly spreading. Making it much harder for these types of systems to effectively contain and suppress a fire.

     To Maximize the fire protection potential of a structure, Barrier Pro™ is a self extinguishing coating that’s a permanent part of the structure itself. Certified and tested to withstand extreme temperatures, Barrier Pro™ not only protects the structure from fire but stops the spread of fire through and across the surface it’s applied on. As a coating it will never breakdown, can be applied to the interior and exterior of any structure, and controls the spread of fire -acting as a self extinguishing medium. Lives will be saved and homes/businesses will be protected from an unexpected wildfire. Making the effect that these disasters have on the lives of people threatened by them, a thing of the past.

Make the choice to fight fires before they start with Barrier Pro™ Thermal Control Coatings.


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